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Why Does Kitchen Island Height Matter?

You can find many blogs on this site about kitchen islands. They provide many benefits from dining to meal preparation that you can’t find with any other kitchen cabinet accessory. One aspect many people forget about is the proper kitchen island height. If it’s too tall or too short, then it can create problems that will make you regret buying the island. Instead of living in regret, make sure you choose the proper height when you order.

Short Kitchen Island Counter Tops

If you’re a tall person or accidentally get a kitchen island that is too short, it can have a severe impact on comfort. Bending over to cut vegetables or prepare items on the island can lead to back pain. If the back pain happens regularly when you use the island, then you may choose to not use it anymore, making the purchase useless. Some people believe they need to choose a shorter island because they want to use it for dining, but a better solution is to choose taller bar stools. You can get an island at a proper height, and it will be comfortable for people to sit and eat on.

Kitchen Islands That Are Too Tall

There are many people who are below average height, so getting a kitchen island with a sink that is too tall also impacts its use. The sink may be difficult to use if it is too tall, making it difficult to wash dishes, etc. It can also make it uncomfortable for many cooking chores such as cutting and meal preparation. You could always purchase a stool or other object to make up the height difference, but instead just get the correct height from the beginning. Make sure to take your own height into effect when purchasing the kitchen island.

Height Impacts Kitchen Island Layout

When choosing the perfect kitchen island, there are many options to choose from, including storage, cabinets and accessories like sinks and even stoves. The height of the island makes a big difference to the layout, as you don’t want a kitchen island that is exceptionally taller or shorter than surrounding countertops. Ideally, you purchased countertops that are at an appropriate height, and you can buy a kitchen island at that same height. If you can’t, then you may want to reconsider the height of the kitchen countertops as well.

There are many different sizes and shapes of kitchen islands to choose from. It’s important to buy one that not only suits your needs, but also your height requirements. If you need to get an idea how the kitchen might look, then check out our design tool.

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