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Maximize the Revenue on your Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Bids

With the current state of the construction industry, renovation and remodeling projects are becoming more and more competitive for our customers that are contractors and builders.  With homeowners looking for ways to minimize the amount of money they are spending on renovation projects because they are afraid they may not get that money back when they go to sell their house. 

When bidding on these projects, the only way to remain competitive on the bid without reducing your profits is by looking at the materials used.  Iconic Kichen Cabinets and Iconic Bathroom Vanities are a great solution.  By using our cabinets, you can not only offer a high quality product, but also save the home owner a significant amount of money.   Plus, our contractor rewards program helps put money back in your pocket.  So the next renovation bid that you are bidding on, consider offering Iconic cabinets as an alternative to high priced name brand cabinets.

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