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Kitchen DIY Projects for an Amazing Space

Your kitchen is great.  You know it, and you have planned it well.  You are the DIY type of person, and you wanted amazing quality for a super low price.  But, you have that need to make something good better, and to turn something great into amazing.  Never fear, for we have some DIY ideas for you to refresh and enhance your kitchen!

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Nothing says that you spent time on your kitchen like great kitchen lighting.  There are a number of ways that you can go about it, but normally there are two main areas that need or look good with additional lighting.  These are the interiors of your cabinets, and under your upper cabinets.

If you are going to add lighting to the interiors of your upper kitchen cabinets, it will necessitate having some doors with glass in them, whether frosted or clear.  One great thing is that if you decide to do it, but do not have glass-fitted doors, chances are pretty good that you can just replace the doors!

The other type of lighting, that which is mounted underneath the upper cabinets, can create an amazing mood inside a kitchen and be extremely useful.  Whether you put in spotlights highlighting different sections of the countertop, or rope lighting, which can create a soft and beautiful glow around your entire kitchen, your kitchen will thank you!

Tip: One of our customers put in LED rope lighting hidden under the upper cabinets for the entire kitchen.  He hooked it up to a motion sensor mounted OUTSIDE the door of the kitchen.  That way, each time, day or night, he began to enter the kitchen, it was softly lit and waiting to be used.  Great idea!  As a bonus, the LED rope could also change the lighting colors, so it could be set to be more festive!

Accessorizing Your Cabinet Space

Kitchen cabinet accessories can turn a boring kitchen into a fantastic one, all without changing the outside look.  Things like Rev-A-Shelf, Glideware, soft close hinges, etc., can change the experience of using your kitchen from normal to an absolute pleasure. 

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