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There are countless factors that go into creating a stylish kitchen that blends seamless with your taste and décor, and a kitchen remodel is the perfect time to upgrade the visual appeal of this essential room of the house. Flooring, cabinets, wall color, and more all add to the ambiance of a stunning kitchen, but there is one aspect that can make or break the look of your space — your appliances!

Gone are the days when every kitchen had the same basic, neutral appliances. Instead, modern homeowners are upgrading to innovative finishes and pops of color that are both chic and functional. Figuring out the right finish for your appliances can be overwhelming, and but we will help you break it down into the most popular choices on today’s market to determine what will (or won’t!) work for your space.


Traditional white appliances may seem outdated or low-end to some homeowners, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! While this finish has fallen out of favor in more modern design aesthetics, it can still be a powerful tool for creating a streamlined, beautiful look in your home—as long as you consider the big picture!

All-white appliances are the perfect complement for:

  • Pale-Tone Kitchens: Neutrals are still in style for kitchens, whether you have a sleek, modern home or prefer a traditional look. If your counters and cabinets are off-white or a pale tone, white appliances can highlight the subtle color variations to show-off your space.

  • Rooms with Dark Ceilings: Cottages, log homes, and farmhouses often feature beautiful, natural-wood beams in the ceiling. While the dark tones of wood can make the kitchen seem smaller, white appliances can brighten-up and open-up the feel of the entire room.

  • Metal Statement Pieces: Copper range hoods, bright metal hardware, and other metal statement pieces are on-trend for new kitchen remodels, and white appliances are the perfect complement to blend with light-colored cabinets without clashing with the impact of metal accents.


As white appliances fell out of popular favor, black finishes began to take their place. However, the striking accent of a black appliance can either tie together the look of the space or bring down the aesthetic of the room. Carefully considering the statement that you want to make in your kitchen is the key to deciding if black appliances are right for you, and they blend best with:

  • White Cabinetry: There are few color combinations more striking than black and white, so if you have stark-white cabinets and want an artistic look, black appliances are the way to go.

  • Dark Cabinets: Dark espresso and black cabinets are a modern trend that offers a luxurious, high-end appearance, and larger kitchens can benefit from the seamless blending of adding a black appliance to the space.

  • Gray and Stone Features: Stone counters and warm gray cabinets are the ideal complement for black appliances—without making the room seem too dark or high contrast.


Stainless steel is one of the most popular kitchen appliance finishes, and if you’ve undertaken a remodel or bought a home in recent years, that is likely what you’ll find in the kitchen. With its ability to blend with virtually any color or design aesthetic and its high-end appearance, choosing a stainless steel appliance is ideal when you want ultra-modern, sleek styling, a neutral focal point, and a luxurious feel in the heart of your family’s home.

However, keep in mind that this finish often comes with a higher price tag, and it can be a challenge to keep the appliances clean and free of fingerprints and smudges!


White, black, stainless, and even wood-paneled appliances are all great choices when planning out your kitchen remodel, but one of the most exciting trends making its way onto the market is the use of color! From retro-inspired kitchens to spaces on the cutting-edge of modern design schemes, homeowners are starting to choose bold color options to make their kitchens stand out. Topping the list of most popular finish colors include vibrant blue, deep red, and black stainless steel—a charcoal gray version of traditional stainless that offer a beautiful appearance and a smudge-free exterior.

The right appliance finish for your home’s kitchen is more of a personal preference than a set-in-stone decision, and what you choose should be based on the big picture of what design aesthetic you’re going for in the space. Overall, consider the size of the room, its existing features, and long-term value when making a choice in which appliance finish is perfect to bring your kitchen space to life.

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