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America’s Costliest Kitchen Projects

Kitchen renovations are expensive no matter where you live, but homeowners pay a lot more to remodel in some parts the country than they do in others. According to data from HomeAdvisor, homeowners in Los Angeles pay nearly $10,000 more, on average, to remodel their kitchens than homeowners in other areas. And homeowners in New York pay nearly $4,000 more. Here’s a deeper look at where homeowners spend the most to remodel their kitchens — and what they spend their money on.

The national average cost for kitchen renovations is $19,920, according to HomeAdvisor True Cost Guide data, with most homeowners spending between $11,194 and $28,646.

Here’s how the most expensive cities stack up:

Not surprisingly, most homeowners make the decision to remodel their kitchens at the start of the year — usually in January, February and March, according to the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI).

Their reasons for remodeling? To upgrade old-looking designs (79%), beautify their homes (77%) and replace old or worn-out materials (76%).

Here’s what homeowners in major cities are investing the most money in to make it happen:

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